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7 Reasons Why Renting Could Be Better Than Buying

Posted by nimda on May 2, 2023

Becoming a homeowner isn’t easy. You have to figure out the type of home you want to buy, the budget, and how to get a loan to purchase your dream house. Once you move in, you need to consider taxes, insurance, maintenance, as well as other bills.

Here, we discuss why renting is better than buying:

1. Invest in things you love

Why do you want to invest in a property when you can free up your cash by renting a home and investing in something entirely different? Follow your passions and spend your money on the things you truly love.

2. No mortgage, simple budgeting

When you rent a house, you avoid the ties of a mortgage. Also, you can be sure what your outgoings will be every month. Budgeting becomes simple, and you have a lesser chance of having sudden big bills. If there’s a hole in the roof or if the boiler breaks, it’s usually the landlord who has to find the funds, not you.

Often, the need for a deposit is the biggest hurdle for first-time buyers. By renting a flat or house instead, you save a ton of money and may as well avoid a big budgeting headache.

3. Fewer expenses

Usually, utility charges for rental properties are comparatively lower, which leaves more money in your bank account at the end of the month.

4. Less responsibility

Repairs and maintenance aren’t usually a concern for a tenant. Since your landlord also has to ensure the property is safe, you should be confident all this is taken care of before you arrive.

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5. More freedom

Renting a house gives you a lot of flexibility. Since you’re not tied to the property, you can live there as long as you want/need without the expense and hassle of selling when you decide to move on.

6. Live somewhere you love

Do you want a penthouse flat looking out to sea? Is your heart set on big-city living? While our property dreams may not always match our bank balance, deciding to rent rather than purchase can often make dreams come true.

Although you may not be able to afford the huge mortgage and deposit repayments on a specific property in a desirable location, shifting your research to the rental market can help you live somewhere you love.

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